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Since 1991, we have been dedicated to facilitating and expediting a small or mid-sized business becoming functional, credible and compliant in processing EDI transactions. We can become your outsourced EDI partner or work with you for an in-house solution.

Every business environment is different. 123 EDI offers a proven and robust EDI software engine and a wide spectrum of trading partner specifications, interfaces and services to handle literally every EDI configuration. 123 EDI will have you functional in the EDI marketplace very quickly. Tell us who your trading partners are and your goals and we'll get you started. And, we'll grow with you.

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We provide software, interfaces and services for any size organization, specializing in small to medium sized businesses. We deliver solutions that are affordable, turnkey, robust, scalable and very easy to use. With 123 EDI you will be confident, credible and compliant to your trading partners. You can be processing EDI transactions within a week.
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For companies new to EDI and for those companies which do not want to invest in an in-house staff to build, maintain and enhance an EDI application, 123 EDI will bring all of our experience since 1991 to bear as your outsourcing partner. Our clients find us to be very thorough, reliable, accountable and professional.
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