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Compliance Services

Compliance is critical in the EDI world. Your trading partners will not tolerate incorrect transactions and will likely issue a "charge back" - a fine of $25+ per incorrect transaction. Accuracy is imperative. 123 EDI's certification services encompass all of the steps required for bringing a trading partnership into production including the following:

Business Processes Analysis
Each trading partner is unique in terms of its logistics and general operational procedures. During the certification process, an analysis is performed and specific recommendations are provided (they may not necessarily be technical) to ensure full compliance for all of the essential parts of the operation that are intermingled with EDI.

This service includes an analysis of the data transmission volume and the number of trading partners in order to decide which method of communication will be most effective. 123 EDI supports all methods including direct connections, such as AS2 and FTP, as well as the traditional Value Added Networks (VANS). In addition, during this phase, an analysis of the volume and utilization pattern is performed to determine the best method and/or VAN to be utilized and the best plan that suits each customer's needs. After a particular method has been selected, our staff proceeds with the setup and configuration of the EDI mailboxes and/or direct connections, and completes the corresponding communications testing

Trading Partner Certification
Trading-partner certification is a detailed process because the requirements of each trading partner can be quite varied. For example, in the retail industry some companies may require their suppliers to initially test with a third-party certification agent and then test with each other. In other cases, certification may be carried out directly with the trading partner. Regardless of the method that is utilized, the certification process requires the active involvement of both parties.

A typical certification entails several different steps that vary in length and complexity. Below is a list of some of the steps involved in this process:

  • Contract and Profiles Forms - Trading partners may require forms and/or legal contracts prior to starting EDI.
  • Set-up of trading partner via VAN or with a direct connection. Some VANs require an established relationship with the trading partner before communication can start. Some inter-VAN connections may require the vendor and the retailer Not share the same VAN.
  • Testing of EDI documents - Test transmissions, which are exchanged in both directions, are typically accompanied by the exchange of telephone conversations, emails and questionnaires, which are needed to confirm the validity and correct interpretation of the data by both parties.
  • Testing of non-EDI documents - Examples of non-EDI documents are container labels and shipping manifest, to name a few. At this stage, it is important to do a thorough examination of additional elements like barcodes certification.

Moving from Testing to Production
After testing has been satisfactorily completed, it is necessary to switch the trading partner into production, which will require the coordination of different parties and groups in each organization and the establishment of operational procedures.

It is important to audit initial transmissions and maintain contact with trading partners. It will also still be necessary to monitor and regularly check for compliance with trading partner's specifications.


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