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Managed Services

123 EDI Managed Services - your outsourcing partner which hosts and completely manages your EDI requirements.

Outsourcing your EDI processes makes immediate sense for companies which:

  • Need the most cost effective EDI solution
  • Need EDI "yesterday" to comply with a trading partner requirement
  • Do not want to screen, hire, train or manage an in-house EDI staff
  • Are just entering the challenging EDI marketplace and would like to evolve into building an in-house EDI department
  • Have highly seasonal or volatility in their volume of transactions

Our truly turnkey services include, but are not limited to:

  • Hosted and Managed EDI
  • Trading Partner management - We become your EDI department
  • EDI Engine™ - A robust, stable and proven software system
  • VAN Services - Sometimes required by trading partners, we offer Value Added Networks with the most competitive rates
  • File transfers - in any format
  • Web based - You can see what's happening anytime
  • Understandable invoicing - If you have ever seen a VAN billing statement you will appreciate our straightforward billing approach
  • Consulting - When a unique problem arises you have experts

Managed EDI - A growth path

Our clients will tell you 123 EDI is a trusted partner. Smaller companies and companies new to EDI receive the same experience, technologies, service and support as 123 EDI's largest clients who have thousands of transactions per week. In fact, we believe our hosted clients receive the best possible results because they have no reliance on inexperienced in-house staff. 123 EDI has "been there, done that" and will immediately resolve any issue for our hosted clients. In fact, you may never know about the issues - they'll just be resolved.

The only requirement for our hosted clients is internet access.

In addition to being able to get started in EDI "yesterday" you are able to evolve into brining EDI in-house if you ever cared or needed to - your investment is secure. You own the data collected during the hosted phase of your EDI experience and you can transfer the data or access it remotely for additional interfacing or reporting needs. In other words, migrating later into EDI Engine™ is almost automatic and all the data and training will be protected.

Trading partner management

For companies that don't want to deal with EDI at all, you can have 123 EDI become their "virtual" EDI department. 123 EDI will:

  • Deal directly with your trading partners to:
    • Understand their requirements
    • Build business rules - setup specifications
    • Test transaction processing
    • Handle exceptions
    • Reconcile missing transactions
    • Every compliance issue

EDI Engine™ - Since 1996, our clients have relied on EDI Engine™ to handle their transactions swiftly and accurately. You have nothing to install or maintain.

VAN and AS2 Services
For companies that do not have enough volume to justify their own AS2 channel, we offer AS2 gateways so all VAN and non-VAN transactions can be received on the same channel.

123 EDI's VAN offering is unique in the industry. Frankly, VAN services are much overpriced because it is usually the vendor's only product. 123 EDI provides the VAN virtually at our cost. Our service is as reliable and full featured because it is supported by the 3 main VAN backbones. But, how are we unique? We add value to the VAN and these additional features make us unique in the industry:

  • Very cost justified and cost effective rates.
    • No complex billing statements. We do not complicate billing with peak and off-peak surcharges, inter-VAN surcharges, archiving, etc. We offer fixed rate, budgetable fees or a straightforward per kilo-character transaction fee.
    • Billing includes detail report to help track VAN cost by trading partner and or document.
  • No setup fees, no migration fees.
  • Every transaction is archived for 1 year and is immediately accessible over FTP (No calls to request archived data which can days with the traditional VAN).
  • We offer direct and relay VAN services. With relay services, all EDI requests will be routed through our servers first for processing. Here, clients can have special features (or intelligence build into the VAN), like setting up special conditions which may trigger email notifications and alerts.

File Transfer Services
Because we own and we know our technology so well the file transfer possibilities are literally unlimited. We are able to exchange not only EDI formatted documents but any other viable formats - XML, flat files, ODBC and SQL compliant formats, etc. We will deliver notifications and reports to you via FTP, email or any other method.


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