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Technology Partners

123 EDI Technology Partners are the solution for processing EDI orders and many other aspects required by some companies so that customers can fulfill their orders. They also provide the indispensable documentation to invoice a bill, handle data needed to manage orders, keep historical logs as well as other business information.
Additional available services and applications include the following:
- Adonix North America
- Cleo Communications
- Inovis
- Intuit
- Ipswitch
- NetSuite
- Paxar Corporation
- Sage Software

Trading Partners

123 EDI has a well-established record of offering not only EDI solutions but also mapping and compliance services.
We have created and maintained hundreds of robust maps, a monumental task that our company continues to perform on a daily basis.

Our maps are carefully designed and include not only standard EDI validation but also enforcement of business rules for trading partners and detailed feedback for incomplete or non-compliant documents. The end result is 123 EDI's outstanding ability to maintain a customer base with a superb compliance record.


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