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123 EDI takes great pride in its highly personalized customer support. We offer a seasoned group of EDI experts who are not only knowledgeable about EDI but are also highly skilled in related and important areas of the supply chain, providing sound advice and ready assistance to its customers.
Engineers are assigned to a project in accordance with their specific expertise so that each customer can benefit from the specialized knowledge of our support staff.

In order to utilize 123 EDI's support system to the fullest extent possible, we recommend that you follow our Support Guidelines:

Support guidelines

Our dedicated telephone notification and ticket distribution system guarantees that your request will be circulated to all of 123 EDI's support staff for prompt and appropriate action. This is a much more efficient method than trying to contact a specific person.
The prefered contact methods are:
Help Desk
Phone   +1 954.922.9130 - Option 3

It is important to take the time to specify basic information like name, call back telephone number and Email and make sure to specify if the message is Normal or Urgent.

If you contact us via phone it is imperative to select Option 3 for proper routing.

If an issue is related to an error in the EDI software, sending the corresponding logs and related files, such as transmission files or interface files will help expedite resolution.

We guarantee that our support staff will response to incidents within 3 business hours.


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