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Training Seminars

  • EDI ENGINE - Advance Ship Notices   EDI reporting seminar

    (4/16/2008 - Expertise Level - Medium)
    This session covers the generation of the Advance Ship Notice (ASN) from a Purchase order with all the different options related to it such as Drop Shipments and Cross Docking..
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  • EDI ENGINE - Reporting techniques   EDI reporting seminar

    (5/28/2008 - Expertise Level - Medium)
    In this session, customer are exposed to a compilation of must run reports, part of our recommended daily operation. The list includes both operational and management reports related to EDI processing and document cycles
    (i.e. purchase order).
    Also, for users with intricate requirements, this training session covers SQL reporting techniques that take advantage our EDI Engine's database repository.
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  • EDI ENGINE - Daily EDI Operations   EDI reporting seminar

    (6/11/2008 - Expertise Level - Beginner)
    This session covers the daily EDI operations with emphasize on how to avoid fatal and costly mistakes such as missing trasmissions and un-acknowledged documents. Also this session discussed simple methods to keep your operation at optimum performance and have the Document Navigator be more responsivery.
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