We are expert in EDI, but there is so much more...

Besides traditional and needed EDI services like translation, mapping and communications 123 EDI offers other key and necessary services like:

Have 100% of the on boarding process with your trading partner taken care of by making sure all testing and certification is completed. We are well-versed and professionally trained in all industries and systems like experts like ERP, accounting, WMS, TMS, etc. We understand all aspects of integration projects and your software provider.

Our platform includes  integration, and numerous accounting and E-Commerce platforms. The platforms includes Sage, Microsoft, SAP, Amazon, Shopify, Magento and more. In addition, our EDI platform handles all kinds of business cycles with extra features like order management transportation. We are ready to meet all of your business needs.

We've worked in many different types of industries for one year now. These industries include but are not limited to distribution, retail, transportation, automotive and health. Our team is ready to serve you in anyway possible.

EDI Solutions

123 EDI is your one-stop shop for EDI. Based on a robust and proven EDI platform, a professional service group and leading technology.

Hosted EDI

Run EDI from the WEB easy and without the need to deploy it locally.

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EDI Integration

With lots of ready-to-use interfaces into various leading application or when you need a custom.

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EDI Portal

This is a quick and ready solution for companies looking to bring EDI to their suppliers or any other community.

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EDI Communication

123 offers a single point of access for EDI communications including VAN and direct connections, eliminating for our clients .

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