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1) Quality - EDI Engine's™ excellent design, programming and exacting quality control provide you with a complete, proven and stable software solution that extends beyond basic EDI to automate EDI related business processes.

We are market driven - Since 1993, 123 has been offering and supporting the feature rich EDI Engine™ with the specific goal of making EDI easy and scalable.

We have the same ultimate goal - Compliance. 123 EDI keeps you in full compliance 1) with all EDI standards, 2) with the unique specifications set by each of your trading partners as well as 3) the requirements set for other types of transactions such as Purchase Orders, labels and Bill of Lading, etc.

2) Service - Since 1991, service has been the backbone of our success. Our clients rely on our ability to provide solutions quickly and accurately as their businesses grow. They enjoy uncommonly responsive technical support - you will speak with one of our concerned technical staff (not a phone system) that consistently provides the highly personalized service expected of a partner.

3) Affordability - Our aggressive pricing and our reputation attracts new clients. Our products, turnkey solutions and service retain them.

4) A fully turnkey solution - You may start by completely outsourcing your EDI functions to us and evolve to an in-house model as you grow.

We go way beyond basic EDI - The EDI process is much more than translating documents. 123 EDI provides over 500 strategic mapping plans that assure full compliance with every one of your trading partner's requirements and specifications. Our solution incorporates "add-ons" tailored to specific industries and "wizards" that facilitate creating new documents from existing ones. We go beyond basic EDI processing to address the processes that EDI requires – interfaces to your in-house systems, packing specifications, managing shipping schedules, dynamic routing, carrier instructions...

We will grow with you - EDI Engine™ works very well in stand-alone mode for smaller organizations yet performs superbly in a more sophisticated integrated operation that runs thousands of transactions per day with many trading partners.

You need no in-house staff - 123 EDI allows you to enter the complicated EDI marketplace literally "overnight". 123 EDI can become your outsourced EDI solution or your in-house solution provider. Or both.

We offer a variety of professional services:
1) EDI Testing and Certification
2) Consulting
3) Integration
4) Hosted or Managed EDI
5) Value-Added Network service - VANs

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