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123 EDI offers solutions that go far beyond the standard translator. In addition to providing "standard" features needed on an EDI translation software, 123 EDI offers solutions with ample added functionality that allow to run EDI easily and effectively without the need for integration. Our solution includes countless options to create new EDI documents from scratch or more easily to turnaround existing documents into other types. For example, a Purchase Order can be converted into an Invoice inheriting all the information from its source. A more complicated document such as a Catalog or an Advance Ship Notice can be created using our wizards.

More than simply generating documents, our solution interfaces are designed from the ground up to follow pro forma business procedures. A user can simply navigate and perform a great volume of transactions and be assured that the system will follow the correct procedures, thus eliminating the possibility of human error complementing the process with a complete array of business reports and queries.
Stand-Alone EDI

In addition to the generation of many documents, 123 EDI offers printing associated documents such as carton and pallet labels, industry standard bill of ladings, packing slips, pick tickets and all EDI documents in a regular business format.


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