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EDI Communications

EDI Communications

Our communication platform is a highly-rated software that can handle all communication types that are necessary for an exchange of EDI data over various protocols. 123 EDI provides connectivity for all trading partners regardless of whether they use a direct connection like AS2 or FTP in different forms, or a value added network referred to as VAN. Communication formats are handled seamlessly and rigorous attention is given to all transmission operations.

We support a wide range of protocols, including AS2, AS3, HTTP, FTP, s FTP and specific APIs. This is for EDI and non-EDI data as well.

Single point of access for all your communications needs

  • Inexpensive - It's unnecessary to purchase expensive communication software to manage AS2 or any other protocol. Our VAN service rates are extremely competitive in the industry.
  • Managed Service –Our communication is constantly monitored 24/7, and includes maintenance involving updates of new certificates, managing downtime, or changes from trading partners. All of this is handled by our experts. In addition, we assist trading partners on initial setup or migrations.
  • Robust – all of our communication services run on Amazon's AWS cloud to guarantee total availability and scalability.
  • Simple - A single point connection to all your communications. Your EDI Id's are broadcast to all VANs and your EDI mailbox is usually ready within 24 hours.
  • Self-service – availability to access archives Online for up to 3 years.

EDI Solutions

EDI Portal

This is a quick and ready solution for companies looking to bring EDI to their suppliers or any other community, whether their partners have EDI or not

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