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Programming Services

In addition to offering excellent EDI solutions, 123 EDI is a software development company that is also engaged in development and consulting work, specializing in the area of EDI integration with business applications.

The following qualities set 123 EDI apart from other companies:

  • Our level of expertise and long record of accumulated experience with EDI and business applications for accounting and ERP software
  • A well-rounded staff of experts who possess excellent qualifications and are mostly software engineers
  • A high standard of service combined with careful attention to details as well as consistent and close supervision of all phases of a project by a senior analyst
123 EDI is able to offer fixed-budget solutions for the majority of its projects because of its extensive history and solid experience in the efficient management of programming projects. Our unique ability to offer project-cost protection with a fixed-price calculation is a feature that our existing customers have appreciated for many years. In addition, 123 EDI provides a full guarantee for its work with reasonable and competitive pricing for its programming projects .

A good solution cannot work without a strong supporting staff and 123 EDI offers superb programming services to balance and complement its EDI solutions.

Contact 123 EDI for further information about our programming services

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