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Trucking, Transportation & 3PL (Third Party Logistics)

3PL - Third Party Logistics The number of companies outsourcing services to 3PL has grown exponentially, 3PL offer an efficient specialized service for companies looking into outsourcing their warehouse and shipping operation. As with many other industries, 3PL and their customers are using EDI as the prefer way to exchange information.

In this environment, the requirements for efficiency and cost management are as important as in other industries. 3PL and their customers need to communicate fast, deploy new business programs quickly and have the flexibility to adapt to continuous on-going changes.

123 EDI solutions for this market segment have evolved over the years to expand far beyond their strict EDI translation. Our solutions are capable of handling a fast pace environment and manage important business procedures like releasing purchase orders into a warehouse shipment request, generate Advance Ship Notices from Warehouse shipment confirmations; on the 3PL side, multiple customer programs can be centrally managed from a single console; our solutions also manage the shipment process by addressing shipment requirements including the production of label, related documents like bill of lading and packing slip and by interfacing with parcel carriers software applications to generate shipments.

Transportation and trucking specifically have realized substantial EDI growth as well.

E-Commerce for the Trucking and Logistics Industry revolves around the physical movement of goods. These business processes may span multiple interested parties and are triggered by business events such as generation of an order, shipment information, shipment tracking, acceptance or rejection of a shipment and payment. EDI is playing an ever increasing role in the process.

Medium sized shippers are now moving to EDI and away from tedious data entry just as the large shippers did earlier. Expansion of EDI may mean the next level of automation is needed, while keeping head counts constant. Most dispatch systems now have EDI capabilities so the cost of EDI has fallen.

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