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Implementation of EDI by large retailers has accelerated over the past five years–there is hardly a retailer today who does not require EDI; it has become the prevailing tool for companies that wish to remain competitive in the supply chain execution arena.

Leaders and trend-setting retailers, such as Wal-Mart, have expanded their utilization of the technology in recognition of its importance as a key element for remaining competitive and profitable. New technologies have been adopted; for example, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) labels are used for better and faster tracking of goods, AS2 a transmission protocol for secure and direct connections is being used in place of VANs to make transmissions between trading partners faster and more cost effective, and the Universal Catalog is being used to achieve worldwide product standardization .

123 EDI has demonstrated an outstanding ability to not only incorporate new technologies into its products quickly and generally ahead of the competition, but it has also demonstrated keen judgment in selecting a technology that is cost-effective, widely used (main stream) and open.

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