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There is a huge demand for distributors and manufacturers to utilize EDI and in many cases, the use of EDI is imposed on a company by their customers in the supply chain. Sometimes it needs to be setup even before a business partnership can be formally contracted.

In the marketplace, EDI is recognized as a tool for great efficiency and is highly valued as a cost-savings technology. Fulfilling a significant volume of orders requires EDI integration. Additionally, beyond the specifics of EDI, it is important to address related topics and areas of concerns, such as the handling of various packing specifications, managing shipping schedules, dynamic routing and carrier instructions.

The 123 EDI solutions for these market segments have evolved over the years to expand far beyond their strict EDI translation. For example, our solutions are capable of producing container bar-coded labels, compliant Bills of Lading similar to the ones used by VICS and specific EDI transactions for routing and tracking of shipments.

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