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Mid-sized Business

Mid Size Business

Mid-sized businesses face their own challenges in relation to EDI, integration with other business applications is a necessity because it must not only be safe, but flexible enough to handle different business scenarios and be secure and audited as well as robust and include failover considerations.

Companies in this segment frequently encounter situations in which the implementation of EDI or EDI integration is available at astronomical costs. Mid-sized businesses often have to deal with offerings from technological providers that are usually more accustomed to working with the budgets of Fortune 1000 companies rather than the more modest ones of mid-sized businesses.

At 123 EDI, we are highly-skilled experts in the implementation of EDI integration projects. Our professionals not only prepare all aspects of EDI, but also have experience in supply chain distribution software, ERP and database technology. Our translation core is scalable to client/server operations and is very transportable; all transactions are audited and stored in databases that are friendly to disaster-recovery planning requirements.
Further-more, our customers work with small and static teams and as a result of this close and dedicated effort, our staff becomes familiar with customer's environment and quickly helps to accelerate productivity and achieve work continuity.

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