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DotCom Suppliers

Dot Com Suppliers

EDI designed for DotCom companies may be quite different from traditional EDI. For example, when dealing with a retailer such as or, the volume of transactions increases by the hundreds. However, it is quite different when shipping to a distribution center or store as compared to drop shipping to a final consumer, when the latter occurs, the number of transactions could increase sharply. Another issue compounding this situation is that order cycles that used to take hours to process are now handled in a matter of minutes and DotCom transaction cycles and the time frame required for them are much shorter. With a DotCom, availability must typically be 24/7 and with transmissions that could arrive every few minutes, confirmation about availability and shipping information is required within minutes.

This type of environments requires a different type of operation, one in which emphasis is placed on system modeling that will allow the EDI system to obtain the necessary data to generate documents with information about decisions on availability; it is vital to have automated EDI operations and the means to notify an operator proactively. Additional levels of integration with other business systems, e.g., inventory and carriers, are also typically required.

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