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EDI Engine™ \ Advantages

EDI Engine™ Software is simply the best of its class, easy to setup and to use. The complexities of EDI have been reduced to a minimum in an effort to present the user with a program that is as close to a business format as possible.

Documents, labels, document turn-around and wizards are all part of the library of features added to the EDI Engine™ to enhance industry-specific operations and reduce manual labor and errors.


EDI Engine™ uses mainstream technology, which translates to easy accessibility and long-term protection of the software platform.

A single platform serves the smallest customer to the largest installation, retraining of personnel is not required and the investment for the software is fully protected.

A feature-rich software application with extremely competitive pricing and a decrease or total elimination of the allocation of internal resources to "program" EDI.

EDI mapping that includes not only EDI specifics but also trading partner's business and logistic rules.


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