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EDI Engine™ \ Technical Aspects



  • Based on Microsoft's Windows Operating System
  • Runs on all version of Windows operating system both Workstation and Server (We recommend for workstations Windows XP and higher and for Servers Windows 2003 and higher)
  • There are no specific hardware requirements and any relatively up-to-date workstation or server can be used
  • A self-contained application without any need to run an installation for additional workstations or for transferring the application to a different computer. All programming libraries are included in the program's directory
  • Database Repository utilizing main stream client/server databases
  • Transactional control of all operations with features such as rollback and commit to guarantee relational integrity


  • Multi-user ready (there are no licensing limitations for number of users)
  • Multi-company. Run 1 copy of EDI Engine for many companies (licensing restrictions apply)
  • Built in SQL style querying tool
  • Access database from any reporting tool, even from Excel, using the cost-free Microsoft's ODBC driver or any other ODBC, OleDB or JDBC driver
  • Output to thermal printers in their native language for faster and more reliable label's printing.
  • Has the additional advantage of very small files generation for the purpose of transmissions or access from remote users
  • Compatible and optimized for remote access solutions with Microsoft's Terminal Services or Citrix's solutions
  • Archiving and un-archiving utility for storing unlimited data while keeping system performance
  • A data dictionary is included for easy interfacing

Software Updates

  • Internet-based updates, can be initiated by user
  • Automatic reconfiguration for database changes during software updates
  • All updates (or builds) are cumulative. Updates can be skipped and do not have to be applied in sequence

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