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EDI Engine™ \ Summary of Features

Summary of Features


Operating System Requirements

Microsoft Windows Operating System. Version 2000 and beyond

Multi-user Ready

Install on server or workstations

Database Technology

Client/Server databases like Microsoft SQL, Oracle and MySQL


Protocols or Communication Methods:
AS1, AS2, AS3  FTP, FTP/s  HTTP, HTTP/s  Asynchronous  Bisynchronous  Windows Scripting.

Centralized operation of different communication methods under a single screen

Links to other processes by the use of pre- and post-communication commands

Manages EDI and non-EDI communications

Communication scripts that are accessible to user for editing with an option to create new ones

Unlimited archiving of all transmissions

Quick text search and progressive text search on transmissions for locating specific data

Tracking of consecutive control numbers for transmission control

Independent logs of communication details for troubleshooting

The use of Windows Notepad to view transmission files


Support of all EDI standards, including X12 and EDIFACT

Support of all versions of the standards, including subsets such as VICS

Translation of non-EDI data like XML and flat files

Translation of philosophy to greatest extent possible - translator will correct documents within the same envelope even if other documents are incorrect or if the transmission is corrupted.

Automatic recognition of inbound separators

Isolation of envelopes with documents that are not configured by the system for easy identification and correction.

On-the-fly update of items, stores and DC locations in EDI Engine™'s database from inbound transmissions, including Purchase Orders, Purchase Order Changes, Text Messages and Address Listings.

Automatic generation of outbound functional acknowledgments from inbound transmissions

Generate detail and summary functional acknowledgments.


Provides strong mapping to support not only EDI specifications but also to support a partner's necessary business compliance requirements.

Software Development Foundation for the creation of new maps

Support for non-EDI data maps

Ability to overwrite output values with specified constant or functions from the user's interface.

Document Management

Centralized Management of documents from a user's interface

Print documents in a business format

View or edit EDI documents

Document-processing history is embedded in each document

Creation of new documents

Document duplication

Visual tracking of functional acknowledgments by document, including cross-referencing into envelope control numbers and date-time stamp of acknowledgment and counterpart.

Functional Acknowledgments

Visual presentation of functional acknowledgments by document

Re-Creation of functional acknowledgments from document

Detailed reporting, including management by exception

Recasting of functional acknowledgments among retransmissions of the same document number but with different envelope control numbers


Document Generation

From Inbound Purchase Order 850
Outbound Purchase Order Confirmations 855 manual and automatic generation
Outbound Purchase Order Status Report 870
Outbound Warehouse Shipping Order 940
Outbound Invoices 810 and 880 individual and consolidated

From Outbound Advance Ship Notice 856
Outbound Invoices 810 and 880 individual and consolidated
Outbound Routing Instructions 753

From Inbound Advance Ship Notice 856
Outbound Motor Carrier Bill of Lading 211
Outbound Motor Carrier Shipment Information 204

From Inbound Warehouse Shipping Advice 945
Outbound Invoices 810 and 880 individual and consolidated

From Inbound Purchase Order Inquiry 869
Outbound Purchase Order Status Report 870

Printed Documents

All documents include barcode identifiers
VICS Bill of Lading
Packing Slip
Pick Tickets
Purchase Orders
GS1-128 Labels for cartons and pallets


Packing and Shipping Wizard
Generation of outbound Advance Ship Notices 856
Support Standard Carton and Pick & Pack Formats
Consolidated Packing or pack by store
Segregation of packing by Distribution Center
Packing automation based on pre-defined quantities or Purchase Order inner quantities
1-Button Packing
Clone-packing configuration
Automatic calculation of Weight and Volume
Group cartons onto pallets
1-Button pallet creation
Integration with bar code scanners for a true pick & pack scenario
Shortcuts for quick operation
Specify packing sequence
Consolidate many orders into a single Advance Ship Notice
Print carton and pallet GS1-128 compliant labels

Management of 753 and 754 Documents
Generate outbound 753 from packing configurations
Automatic generation of unique transaction numbers
Matching reconciliation of 753 and corresponding 754
Include information from inbound 754 document into outbound advance ship notices

Parcel Shipping Manager
Ship To UPS Worldship, DHL Easy Ship Server and Federal Express Ship
Manage desktop and server
Live links into Federal Express and DHL; no need to operate the parcel programs separately
Print compliant shipping labels
Generation of Outbound Advance Ship Notices 856 from executed shipments
Support of different packing configurations for packing automation
Ability to void shipments and launch an End-Of-Day procedure

Catalog Wizard
Generation of Outbound Catalog 832 from item's database
Ability to specify action codes and remember action codes from last generation
Handles different seasons
Management of components
Smart ordering during generation to include first components or deleted items


123 EDI has developed several interfaces with various business systems that have the following characteristics:
Easy-to-use applicability
Broad-based functionality
Real time transactional integration when available
Redundant auditing


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