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EDI Engine™ \ Auditing

EDI Engine™ has been designed with complete audit logs and redundancy to ensure a safe operation. Key aspects of its design are as follows:

Complete logs of transmissions, translation and any operation affecting the documents and/or communications

Database-based logs, allowing for easy access to additional mechanisms for reporting and analysis

Document centric design so that all operations related to a particular document are easily accessible from the document screen, with a complete history of the document since its creation

Individual reconciliation of acknowledgments by document instead of by envelope for easy tracking with an additional ability to recast reconciliation of retransmitted documents

Independent communication logs of native and third-party communication add-ons for complete and redundant transmissions tracking and analysis

Multi-level tracking of envelope consecutive control numbers from transmissions in order to help identify missing transmissions

Automatic transmission of software error conditions to 123 EDI via email, a unique approach that allows 123 EDI to proactively monitor a customer's software performance

Utilization reports for communication conduits, including VANs to facilitate billing analysis


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