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Document Generation

In a stand-alone operation mode, it is always required to generate new documents based on the contents of other documents. Also called a "turn-around," this feature provides a secure method to address document compliance so that the operation is feasible, both in terms of time spent and level of complexity.

From Inbound Purchase Order 850
  Outbound Purchase Order Confirmations 855, manual and automatic generation
  Outbound Purchase Order Status Report 870
  Outbound Warehouse Shipping Order 940
  Outbound Invoices 810 and 880, individual and consolidated

From Outbound Advance Ship Notice 856
  Outbound Invoices 810 and 880, individual and consolidated
  Outbound Routing Instructions 753

From Inbound Advance Ship Notice 856
  Outbound Motor Carrier Bill of Lading 211
  Outbound Motor Carrier Shipment Information 204

From Inbound Warehouse Shipping Advice 945
  Outbound Invoices 810 and 880, individual and consolidated

From Inbound Purchase Order Inquiry 869
  Outbound Purchase Order Status Report 870

Printed Documents

As part of our solution approach, EDI Engine™ includes the generation of related printed documents that are required in different industries. The following is a list of currently supported documents

- VICS Bill of lading VICS BOL
- Packing Slip Packing Slip
- Pick Tickets Pick Tickets
- Purchase Orders Purchase Order
- Invoices Invoice Invoice
- GS1-128 Labels for cartons and pallets GS1-128 / UCC EAN 128 Label

Packing and Shipping Wizard

Packing And Shipping Wizard
Powerful, complete and fast generator of Advance Ship Notices:
 - Generation of outbound Advance Ship Notices 856
 - Supports Standard Carton and Pick & Pack Formats
 - Ability to include bar code scanning devices for a true pick & pack operation
 - Consolidated or By store Packing
 - Segregation of packing by Distribution Center
 - Packing automation based on internal pre-defined quantities or Purchase Order quantities
 - 1-Button Packing
 - Clone packing configuration
 - Automatic calculation of weight and volume
 - Groups cartons onto pallets
 - 1-Button pallet creation
 - Integration with bar code scanners for a true pick & pack scenario
 - Shortcuts for a quick operation
 - Specifies packing sequence
 - Consolidates many orders into a single Advance Ship Notice
 - Prints carton and pallet UCC/EAN-128 compliant labels

Catalog Wizard

Provides the ability to maintain product catalogs required by trading partners or catalog services, such as, Inovis and GXS
Generation of Outbound Catalog 832 from item's database
Ability to specify action codes and remember the codes from the last generation
Handles different seasons
Management of components
Smart sorting during generation process to include components or deleted items first

Management of 753 and 754 Documents

Generates outbound 753 from packing configurations
Automatic generation of unique transaction numbers
Matching reconciliation of 753 and corresponding 754
Includes information received on inbound 754 document in the corresponding Outbound Advance Ship Notice

Parcel Shipping Manager

A sophisticated module that tightly integrates UPS, Fedex and DHL standard shipping solutions.
Orders dispatcher console use for fast order processing
Ships to UPS Worldship, DHL Easy Ship Server and Federal Express Ship Manager desktop and server
Live links into Federal Express and DHL without any need to operate the parcel programs separately
Prints compliant shipping labels, generates Outbound Advance Ship Notices 856 from executed shipments
Support of different packing configurations for packing automation
Ability to void shipments and launch an End-of-Day procedure


Ready to use interfaces with various accounting, warehousing and distribution systems, including standard interfaces such as XML and text files.
See Interfaces section for more details


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