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EDI Engine™ \ Communications

EDI Engine™ is a first-rate software that can handle all communication types currently needed for an exchange of EDI data over different protocols. 123 EDI provides communication scripts for all trading partners who use direct connections and/or Value Added Network VANS. Communication formats are handled seamlessly and rigorous attention is given to all transmission operations.

The following is a list of communication methods handled by EDI Engine™:

FTP and FTPs | AS1, AS2 and AS3 | HTTP and HTTPs | ebXML
Windows Scripting | Asynchronous | Bisynchronous

EDI Engine™ uses mainstream components for the implementation of these protocols; however, in some cases, the process is facilitated with the use of products from reputable companies, such as WS Ftp Pro from IPSwitch for the FTP family of protocols and LexiCom from Cleo. By using these leading products, EDI Engine™ guarantees compatibility and complete reliability for all of its communications.

Ability to link different processes when running communication tasks and ability to run pre- and post-processes before sending or receiving information

When using communication protocols such as FTP, the user has the ability to update or create new communication scripts even for non-VAN communications. Furthermore, users can employ unique meta-language commands for added functionality as, for example, passing user ID, password and date and time stamps that can be used in some file name conventions.


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