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EDI Engine™ \ Interfaces

123 EDI offers several interfaces that merge into various systems. The common characteristics of these interfaces are easiness to use, functionality, tight integration, and redundant auditing.

  • Interfaces are easy to use, typically requiring only 1 button for data exchange and very little configuration
  • Includes real-time integration when supported by other systems for immediate feedback and transaction validation
  • Cross-reference tables have been devised for the purpose of interface stability, flexibility and, in some cases, to allow for the correction of deficient data received from trading partners
  • Complements gaps from other system by including related information from existing EDI documents during data exchange
  • Strong generic and specific auditing during data exchange to guaranty document integrity
  • Use of a communications manager to handle VAN or direct connections (typically via an Internet protocol) for exchanging data

Embedded Interfaces

Flat Text
Included in the EDI Engine™ software is the ability to import and export any documents in various text formats, including delimited and fixed width; this interface has the capacity to include one or many document types in a single file and is easily customized.

Full support of XML standards. EDI Engine™ uses Microsoft's XML implementation scheme to support XML Adapters, Schemes, ADO.NET Datasets and other important structures and standards. XML exchanges can be easily configured by the user.

Database based
Open database with support access for different technologies such as ODBC, OleDB and JDBC.

Third-Party Interfaces



DHL - SwiftShip

Fedex - Ship Manager

Great Plains - Microsoft

IDB Bank

Jesta IS

Peachtree  Sage Software

QuickBooks - Intuit

Sage Pro ERP Software

UPS - Worldship



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