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For a long time, companies have relied on traditional electronic data interchange (EDI) to simplify and speed up their transactions with customers, suppliers and other partners. The document-tagging language XML, an innovative approach has recently come into existence with the potential to reach new markets, simplify access, populate Web pages and serve as a technological Esperanto for all types of transactions.

Many enterprises that embrace both EDI and XML started out in the EDI arena years and in some cases, decades ago. There is a significant investment and mass built around EDI and simply it will not simply disappear and be replaced by XML. Instead, the strategy that many companies have begun to follow is to create gateways and interconnectivity between EDI and XML so that the two fronts of data exchange are available and interoperational for their business needs.

The motivation for EDI companies to utilize XML has resulted from the recognition that it is an effective method for broadening the group of trading partners including those who may not currently use EDI.

The 123 EDI philosophy is to remain committed to open standards and mainstream technology. Our EDI solutions incorporate this concept and offer interoperability between EDI and XML. We are also committed to the emerging ebXML for business.


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