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Great Plains

With the assistance of IDB Bank's experts, 123 EDI has developed a simple but effective and straight forward bridge between EDI Engine™ and IDB Bank's web-based transaction submittal portal; with this mechanism, IDB customers will be able to easily submit their receivables.

Characteristics and Functionality
  • Integration of the interface in EDI Engine™'s menu structure and screens
  • Data normalization with a robust foundation that allows the same interface to work with multiple trading partners
  • Concept of Accounts Receivable factoring is included in other EDI Engine™ accounting interfaces allowing for a complete integration with IDB Bank's bridge
  • Automatic generation of transaction numbers, guaranteeing the uniqueness of each transmission, even for repeated documents
  • Communication scripting is available for automated upload into IDB Bank's web-based portal
  • Complete transactional log
  • Provides strong auditing of data-compliance during both the sending and receiving of data to guarantee transaction completion and data integrity

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