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In collaboration with Jesta's group of experts, 123 EDI has developed an extensive and detailed interface between EDI Engine™ and Jesta's EDI Gateway; this interface, which matured in 2000, is complete.

  • Integration of the interface in EDI Engine™'s menu structure and screens
  • Data normalization with a robust foundation that allows the same interface to work with multiple trading partners
  • Direct access to Jesta's database for the elimination of intermediary processes
  • Access to additional business tables in Jesta's system to complement the interface
  • Updates Jesta's records to control and avoid duplicates
  • Use of fast access methods that are database independent
  • Exports to Jesta's Inbound 850, 860 and 816
  • Imports from Jesta's Outbound 810, 832, 850 and 856
  • Management of multiple divisions
  • Complete transactional log
  • Provides strong auditing of data-compliance during both the sending and receiving of data to guarantee transaction completion and data integrity

Inbound Purchase Orders 850 and Purchase Order Change 860
  • Option to consolidate or explode multi-store and multi-ship Purchase Orders
  • Option to explode pre-packs into individual items
  • Option to split a single multi-store purchase order into several POs, based on the distribution group
  • Complex matrix of options to normalize adjusted stock and pre-packs' prices and quantities depending on the unit of measurement

Outbound Invoice 810 and Advance Ship Notice 856

Option to explode pre-packs into individual items

Outbound Catalog 832

Sorts imported data from Jesta to guarantee compliance with Catalog providers in terms of the order in which items (components must go first) and Action codes need to be reported (e.g. deletion of a prior addition).

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