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123 EDI is an active member of Intuit's developer network, and developed the interface between EDI Engine™ and QuickBooks using Intuit's guidelines:

  • Manages both regular and grocery documentation (POs and Invoices)
  • Integration of the interface in EDI Engine™'s menu structure and screens
  • Data normalization with a robust foundation that allows the same interface to work with multiple trading partners
  • Real-time access into QuickBooks using Intuit's Software Development Kit (SDK) based on the industry standard ebXML
  • Compatibility with all versions of QuickBooks starting with the 2003 version
  • Backward compatibility with prior SDKs starting with the SDK version 3.0
  • Optimized to compensate for transactional delays based on QuickBook's architecture
  • Export and import capabilities of invoices that allow for two different ways to operate
  • Direct communication with QuickBooks via TCP/IP sockets

  • Exports Purchase Orders to QuickBooks
  • Analysis of duplicate Purchase Orders
  • Option to consolidate or explode multi-store and multi-ship Purchase Orders
  • Exports EDI Invoices to QuickBooks
  • Imports Invoices from QuickBooks
  • Warehouse management simulated in QuickBooks' multiple warehouse capabilities
  • Complete transactional log
  • Interactively setup EDI Engine™s interface while accessing Intuit
  • Use of customers cross-reference list that allows for dynamic changes and easy addition of new customers into the interface
  • Use of Items cross-reference list to compensate for differences in item's configuration with trading partners
  • Provides strong auditing of data-compliance during both the sending and receiving of data to guarantee transaction completion and data integrity

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