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Sage Software

It is one of the principal interfaces utilized by 123 EDI. Years ago, 123 EDI acquired a great deal of expertise in the use of Sage Pro ERP working as a reseller of this accounting system. Today, 123 EDI continues to work closely with Sage as a Developer Partner.

  • Integration of the interface in EDI Engine™'s menu structure and screens
  • Data normalization with a robust foundation that allows the same interface to work with multiple trading partners
  • Interface is a module of EDI Engine™ that provides direct access to Pro Series without any necessity to run additional installations
  • Compatibility with all versions of Pro Series. EDI Engine™ automatically recognizes the installed Pro Series version and adjusts accordingly
  • Real time interface with immediate feedback during posting
  • Two Phases interface: the first pass is for analyzing the transactions and the second is for the actual posting, eliminating the possibility of posting incorrect or incomplete transactions
  • 100% behavior emulation. EDI Engine™'s interface follows the same rules and validations as if a Purchase Order had been entered manually into Pro Series
  • Multi-user management: There is no need to stop working while posting EDI data since EDI Engine™'s interface uses Pro Series' controls for transactions
  • Consistent detailed search capabilities to locate information based on EDI or Pro Series' transaction codes

  • Complete transactional log
  • Allows for an interactive setup of the interface with EDI Engine™ while accessing the Pro Series database
  • Use of customers cross-reference list that allows for dynamic changes and easy addition of new customers into the interface
  • Use of Items cross-reference list to compensate for differences in item's configuration with trading partners
  • Cross-reference table for Warehouses, UOMs and Shipvia
  • Provides strong auditing of data-compliance during both the sending and receiving of data to guarantee transaction completion and data integrity

Inbound Purchase Orders 850/875
  • Manages seamless processing of regular and grocery Purchase Orders
  • Analysis of duplicate Purchase Orders
  • Optio n to consolidate or explode multi-store and multi-ship Purchase Orders
  • Exports Purchase orders as Sales Orders or Bids
  • Handles unit of measurement codes on a one-to-one basis or converting to the Pro Series Purchase UOM or Stock UOM
  • Drop Shipments
  • Includes/Excludes commission calculation for EDI orders
  • Includes/Excludes shipping cost line
  • Exports allowances received at both the PO and line item level and allowing to distribute PO allowances into items
  • Manages multiple-warehouses based on Pro Series defaults or on EDI Engine™'s management criteria like Ship to Location or Item

Outbound Invoices 810/875
  • Manages both regular and grocery invoices
  • Handles many-to-one customer code relation for Factor management via EDI
  • Includes/Excludes back order information
  • Exports credit memos as well as invoices
  • Creates different configurations for Ship-to and Remit-to variations
  • Completes exported invoices with information from EDI Engine's Advance Ship Notices and Purchase Orders to minimize data gaps

Store and Distribution Center Addresses
  • Synchronizes EDI and Pro Series addresses in both ways
  • Has the ability to select EDI Engine™ or Pro Series as the master for address management
  • Manages prefixes to compensate for Pro Series limitations with store/DC code length

Inventory Report 846
  • Export Pro Series inventory information into EDI's 846 document

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